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Who We Are

At Hollis Cobb, we are for you.

We’re your partner – your talented, passionate, and powerful ally – dedicated to streamlining the processes that maximize your opportunities and ensure your revenue cycle success.

Our Solution Suite

Front End Solutions

Active Account Receivable Solutions

Bad Debt Solutions

Financial Assistance Expert App (fae)

Pre-Authorization Software (passage)

Front End Solutions

Hollis Cobb is invested in innovation and driven by customer service. We go all in – with experience, technology, and dedication – to make your first interactions with patients and payers the best they can be, improving your front-end processes, preventing denials, increasing your revenues, and helping you produce high patient satisfaction scores.

 Revolutionize Your Revenue Cycle with Seamless integration

As dedicated business partners, our Hollis Cobb operations and technology teams work side by side with your own to design a custom program to address your unique challenges. We support and represent you with professionalism and integrity, always communicating with patients and payers ethically, and producing top quality results.


  • • Customer Service
  • • Patient Access/Pre-Authorization
  • • Pre-Service Collections
  • • Presumptive Charity
  • • Scheduling 
  • • Staffing
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Active Accounts Receivable Solutions

Healthcare providers have a unique problem – having to deal with multiple parties to secure payment for services provided. Let Hollis Cobb’s comprehensive, solution-driven approach to accounts receivable management increase your efficiencies and streamline your workflow.

Revolutionize Your Revenue Cycle with Proven Processes

We evaluate your systems and customize a program to meet your unique needs. Full service or collaborative, Hollis Cobb’s proven processes, people, and persistence will reduce your costs to collect.


  • • Denials Resolution
  • • Insurance Follow Up
  • • Payment Monitoring
  • • Self-Pay Early Out
  • • Underpayment Recoupment 
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Bad Debt Solutions

These days, no one in healthcare can afford to leave money on the table, but debt recovery can be a labor-intensive, time-consuming process. Hollis Cobb’s customer-focused approach to collecting delinquent or charged-off accounts pairs sensitivity and respect with technology and tenacity. 

 Revolutionize Your Revenue Cycle with Respect and Tenacity

From day one, Hollis Cobb, Inc. was founded on this fundamental truth – speaking to patients about debt with encouragement and civility results in maximized recovery and positive patient experience.

  • • Primary and Secondary Collections 
  • • Legal
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Is your team bogged down due to the manual effort of paper driven processes? If so, we would like to introduce you to a new way of doing things. Meet fae….our Financial Assistance Expert!

 What can fae do for you?

  • • Eliminate paperwork
  • • Faster online application
  • • Web Portal and IVR options
  • • Enhanced patient experience
  • • Gained efficiencies for staff
  • • Workflow management tools
  • • Customized dashboard and reporting


For more information or to schedule a demo, contact Sales@holliscobb.com.

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Manual submission for insurance authorizations is a huge task for staff. It requires hours of data entry and constant checking for completed authorizations. Now is the time to experience a different way….introduce passage into your process and let automation work for you!!

 What are the benefits of passage?

  • • Automated pre-auth submission
  • • Automated pre-auth follow-up
  • • Workflow management tools
  • • Customized dashboards and reporting
  • • Enhanced visibility into staff productivity


For more information or to schedule a demo, contact Sales@holliscobb.com.

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Our Effectiveness

For more than 40 years, our clients have trusted us to enhance their efficiencies and improve their bottom line. Read more about how Hollis Cobb’s customized services and leading-edge technology support our clients’ goals and exceed their expectations.

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