Key Account Executive, Denise Trammell, celebrates two years at Hollis Cobb this week, as well as 20 years in the collection industry. Throughout her career, Denise has worked in numerous roles including Reconciliation Manager, Training Director, Call Center Manager and Legal Assistant, before landing in the Client Services Department at Hollis Cobb.

A homegrown Georgian, Denise was born in Decatur, and grew up in Norcross, close to where she now works at Hollis Cobb’s corporate office in Duluth. She manages four hospital clients, one each in Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi, where she travels regularly for client meetings. Denise said she enjoys traveling to the various client locations where she reviews performance reports with client management, and finds additional ways Hollis Cobb can help clients increase their revenue.

Denise says the best part of her job is satisfying clients. From troubleshooting for solutions to recommending ways clients can improve their in-house processes, Denise enjoys the challenge of constantly looking for ways to enhance the services Hollis Cobb provides to her clients and keeping those clients happy. Known for always going the extra mile, Denise is also a skilled creator of custom reports using the Report Writer feature on Hollis Cobb’s Ontario FACS system to generate special reports for her clients as well as internally for collection managers. Denise is an expert on her clients’ inventories and constantly educates both Hollis Cobb staff and client managers to help them better understand the various aspects of their inventories that ultimately impact their revenue.

She is just as busy at home as she is at work. Denise and her husband, Tim, have two children. Their son, Aaron, 24, along with their daughter-in-law, McKenzie and little granddaughter, Avery live close by. Their daughter, Nicole, 15, is a star softball player, hitting home runs and pitching for a local high school. Denise spends many evenings and weekends traveling with Nicole and her team while cheering Nicole on, hopefully all the way to a college scholarship.

As Hollis Cobb continues to grow nationally and expand its client base, Denise will have more opportunities to use her 20 years of expertise to help clients more effectively manage their Revenue Cycles. Top notch key account executives like Denise are not easy to find, and the management at Hollis Cobb is glad Denise chose to join their team two years ago.