When asked how long he has been in the Accounts Receivable Management industry, Hollis Cobb Chief Operations Officer, Floyd Lawson, laughs and responds, “Let’s just say over 30 years.” An Atlanta native, Floyd graduated from Clark College, and shortly thereafter began his career as a collector, quickly moving into management and leadership positions with various Atlanta companies.

Floyd has worked with Fortune 500 clients as well as local, state and federal governments. He has worked in every area of accounts receivable management with a focus on healthcare in the most recent years. Hollis Cobb Associates management and staff were happy to bring Floyd onboard five years ago, and he has had a tremendous impact on the company’s operations team, particularly in the areas of process improvement and client relations.

Floyd is a favorite among Hollis Cobb clients, and when he visits client offices, it is rare that he does not run into someone who has worked for him in the past. Greatly respected among employees and clients alike, he has a talent for providing less experienced individuals with advice and encouragement as they advance in their careers. “My work with employees and clients is my biggest success,” Floyd said. Always a people person, Floyd is well-respected by his staff and managers who keep a running list of “Floydisms,” or wise and funny sayings that Floyd often proclaims in his booming baritone.

A self-described family man, “happily married to a beautiful woman for 29 years,” Floyd Lawson is also a devoted father to two grown daughters. The oldest is a graduate of Auburn University, currently working for an Atlanta physician, and preparing to start her graduate work with the goal of becoming a Physician’s Assistant. His youngest daughter is an upperclassmen and War Eagle Girl at Auburn. Floyd always beams proudly when talking about the three women in his life.

Dividing his time between client visits and staff meetings, Floyd plays a vital role at Hollis Cobb as the company continues to expand through strategic acquisitions and organic sales. The leadership and staff of Hollis Cobb look forward to many more years with Floyd at the helm of the company’s growing Operations Department.