By J. Douglas Gregg
September 16, 2014

Norcross, GA – Hollis Cobb Associates, a Norcross, GA based accounts receivable management company is excited to announce its physical expansion into the Chicago, IL and Mobile, AL markets. The expansion begins with over 200 employees and centers on recent acquisitions in each market. In 2012 Hollis Cobb purchased long-time industry leader, Bonded Collection Corporation in Chicago, and most recently Medcore, Inc. based in Mobile, AL.

Establishing a foothold in these locations builds upon Hollis Cobb’s strategy of “committing to locations with a long history of quality employees who can best serve our clients”, according to Greg Hocutt, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hollis Cobb Associates, further adding “Hollis Cobb prides itself on offering extremely competitive salaries and aggressive bonus plans with some of the best benefits in the industry along with significant career advancement opportunities.”

Once fully staffed, Hollis Cobb Associates will boast worldwide headcount approaching 350 people across four locations including 35 collectors in Managua, Nicaragua. “None of this would be possible without the great partnerships we have developed with our hospital clients over the years. We like to establish employee bases within a logical reach of our largest clients, and this announcement furthers that effort” according to Alan Cobb, Chairman of Hollis Cobb Associates.

With our significant new expansion comes the need for more experienced collectors and the commensurate collection management team. We bring a unique culture and a high level of customer care to our new partners”, said Alan Cobb, Chairman. Greg Hocutt, President and Chief Executive Officer added, “This new expansion positions us to be one of the leading providers of collection services in the markets we serve. We expect the expansion to be complete by the end of Q1, 2015.”