As Hollis Cobb Associates continues to grow and expand, landing new client contracts nationwide, the hiring of additional skilled and experienced staff has become a major focus.  To that end, the Human Resources and Quality/Training Departments have teamed up to create a new manager training manual.

This is more than the typical training manual that encompasses company policies, holiday rules, attendance and benefits. The HR and Training departments have researched each of our clients, and included sections in the manual that provide details about each client as well.

This electronic manual will be updated constantly as we add new clients and provide additional services for existing clients. For newly hired employees, the manual includes information on navigating our Ontario FACS system, using our credit card system, production goals for each client, managing work queues, our goal and bonus program and information about accessing client systems.

The new training manual will help managers keep up with changing contacts at client locations and includes information on each clients’ portfolio such as placement volumes and frequency, type of services provided, charity policies, settlement guidelines, internal key client executive as well as how to find detailed information on each client in our system. The training manual further empowers the managers by providing instruction on how to run reports through our Intellitech Business Objects application. The managers can consult the new manual for instruction on how to create custom reports both internally and for clients, edit and run existing reports for various clients, export the reports to multiple formats and run internal reports showing a wide range of production statistics.

Hollis Cobb managers have all been through formal training on the new manual, which is stored electronically for easy access and for updating regularly. Along with the training on the new manual, last month Hollis Cobb managers went through additional lunch and learn sessions on time management, coaching and staff development, improving analytical skills and reviewing trends in placements and recoveries – all part of our ongoing efforts to beat our competition in the revenue cycle management arena.

With new clients coming onboard in the last quarter of 2017 and first quarter of 2018, Hollis Cobb training staff has created a client specific training curriculum also stored electronically. Through this process, Hollis Cobb sends staff onsite to a new client’s office to assist in creating a unique workflow for the client which specifically addresses that client’s inventory, goals and particular requirements. The information on each client is updated with any changes or additions to the client’s project.

The management and staff at Hollis Cobb are dedicated to constantly improving training and process flows. Our Human Resources and Quality/Training Departments continue to work together to find ways to make the employees’ jobs easier through training and technology, which results in higher recoveries and better service for all of our clients.