Three hard working individuals at Hollis Cobb Associates have had their efforts rewarded with promotions in the last month. Among the 300+ staff in four offices, Miquel Marshall, Molly Patton and Marcus Abbott, all located at the corporate office in Duluth, Georgia, were promoted just in time for the holidays.

miquelMiquel Marshall, promoted to Team Leader for Early out Projects,
has been with Hollis Cobb for one year. He has been working in the collection industry for the past five years, four of those years focusing on healthcare accounts receivable. Seeing a demand for healthcare collection agents, Miquel chose this field because he saw many opportunities for career expansion and personal growth. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and interacting with the representatives on his team. Miquel’s ultimate goal is to work his way up to the position of Collection Manager.

mollyNewly promoted Collection Manager, Molly Patton
works in the Early out Department at Hollis Cobb. Celebrating six years in the industry, Molly joined the Hollis Cobb team four years ago. Molly said the best part about her job is “helping the reps get the most out of the business they are working, and motivating them to push for their daily goal.” She said when she first came to Hollis Cobb she was not sure what to expect, but, Molly explained, “I stayed in this industry because of the challenges I face in day-to-day operations,” adding that, “I am always learning something new.” She said she finds it rewarding to resolve complex issues that arise each day, whether they involve one of her reps, a patient or a client. When not at the office, Molly spends her time with her 8-year-old son, and also enjoys crocheting and knitting.

marcusRecently promoted to manager of the Accounts Resolution Department, (ARD), Marcus Abbot has spent the last decade working on the healthcare side of the collection industry. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and has been with Hollis Cobb for one year. Upper management has charged Marcus with streamlining and coordinating new projects and clients to ensure that current and new inventories are worked to the maximum potential. Marcus said he plans to stay in the collection industry long-term and hopes to continue to advance his career. “The sky is the limit,” Marcus commented explaining that he is always looking for ways to increase revenue, maximize production and minimize waste. Originally from Pittsburgh, Marcus spends some of his spare time on other financial projects such as doing taxes and bookkeeping.

Hollis Cobb leadership is extremely proud of these three individuals and happy to reward their hard work and dedication with promotions. They look forward to watching Miquel, Molly and Marcus grow in their careers while returning maximum dollars to Hollis Cobb’s clients, and finding new ways to keep the company on the leading edge.