Healthcare systems nationwide are experiencing a significant uptick in customer service calls due to higher deductibles and more complicated insurance plans among other issues. Calls from patients are not only higher in volume, but are lasting longer as patients have more questions regarding their increased financial liabilities. Many providers do not have budget dollars to hire additional staff to handle the increased call volume. This is where Hollis Cobb staff can assist. Our sophisticated call center technology allows us to take overflow calls from any hospital regardless of location or computer system.


The customer service overflow process is easy to set up in a high tech call center environment, and it is versatile and flexible enough to mesh with any client system.

  • Hollis Cobb establishes a dedicated line for each client for whom we provide customer service overflow services.
  • Once a patient has been holding on the hospital line for a pre-determined period of time, the call will roll to Hollis Cobb. The patient will have no idea the call has rolled as the process is transparent.
  • Staff in our Early Out department handle each call coming through the dedicated line established for our client.
  • Our staff has all necessary access to our client’s system for the purpose of handling customer service calls.
  • The staff goes through the same training a hospital employee would go through in order to handle customer service calls seamlessly.
  • Hollis Cobb staff are trained to recognize calls that need to be escalated, and where those calls should be routed.
  • They are also trained to take payments from patients, including credit cards and checks by phone. For patients who wish to mail payments in, our staff will provide the client’s proper lockbox address.


In every hospital system where Hollis Cobb staff is handling customer service overflow calls, the staff has exceeded client expectations for number of calls handled and amount of dollars collected. Abandonment rates and hold times have been significantly reduced for our clients resulting in a better overall patient experience for each hospital’s patient population. Hollis Cobb management is able to provide our clients with detailed analysis reports showing call volumes and key performance indicators, and our clients have been pleased with our results. This service works particularly well with clients for whom we handle early out collections; however Hollis Cobb is able to provide the customer service overflow product to any hospital system in the U.S.