Collection Manager, Donna Allen, has worn many hats at Hollis Cobb in her 13 years with the company. Along with managing her team of collectors, she also provides advanced training for new collectors on client projects once they complete Hollis Cobb’s standard training program. Donna works hard to ensure that her team meets or exceeds their clients’ goals. She keeps all client inventories reconciled and provides daily analysis reports to Hollis Cobb leadership.

A people person, the best part of Donna’s job, she said, is just that, the people. She enjoys supporting her team and helping each member meet their goals. The most challenging aspect of her job is the fact that she wears so many hats. Her goal every day, she said, is to ensure all client needs are met and each one of her team experiences success as a collector. Donna is an excellent mentor for her team and is always looking for ways to enhance processes and workflows to improve the patient experience.

All of her team, as well as Hollis Cobb leadership, value Donna’s industry knowledge, her expertise in monitoring and supporting her collectors, her ability to make sure client goals are met and her skill at bringing people together for a common cause.