Executive Administrative Assistant, Elsa Dugan, has always worn more hats than anyone can count during her 16 years with Hollis Cobb. Joining the company shortly after moving to Atlanta, Elsa serves an integral role at Hollis Cobb managing the Admin Team, serving as the CEO’s administrative assistant, running a variety of daily reports for multiple departments and generally being the go-to person for all manner of information. If Elsa does not know, she will find out.

Hollis Cobb CEO, Greg Hocutt, spoke highly of Elsa stating that, “Overall, Elsa is a highly valued employee who consistently demonstrates a strong work ethic, reliability, dependability, and positivity. She is an asset to our organization and an example to others of what a great employee looks like.”

Born in New York, Elsa has also lived in Florida, Nevada and North Carolina. “My husband’s job moved us around a lot, but we ended up staying here in Atlanta,” she explained. Elsa has many years’ of experience working in customer service, scheduling, managing supplies and creating customized reports at Sprint, Walmart, Home Depot and a daycare center prior to joining the Hollis Cobb team.

While working at Hollis Cobb, Elsa has earned her CPAR and ACPAR designations through the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA). “What I enjoy most about my job,” Elsa said, “is that each day there is something different that needs to be done, and there is always someone I can help in one form or another.” She noted that the most challenging aspect of her job is “taking directions from so many different people, but still managing to keep everyone on the same page.” Elsa never shies away from a task and is always eager to learn something new to add to her arsenal of skills.

Explaining her work philosophy, Elsa said, “My current goals are to educate myself more in the different facets of the company since the company has grown so much over the years and so many things have changed,” adding that “Reports are different, lines of business are different, and the needs of the executives have changed.” Elsa went on to note that “I was once told that I have my finger on the pulse of the company; therefore, if the company is changing and growing, I feel it is only right that I do the same.”

Elsa’s life outside of Hollis Cobb revolves around her close-knit family. “I have a wonderful husband and three amazing children who keep me on my toes,” she said.

Elsa is definitely a bright spot in everybody’s day at Hollis Cobb with her strong work ethic, positive attitude and determination to learn anything that she does not already know. The Hollis Cobb team looks forward to many more years of growing, learning and having Elsa there to keep everyone in line.