Hollis Cobb Business System Analyst, Diana Carter, was asked to write a white paper and assist in the creation of a case study for CallMiner, the voice analytics application used by Hollis Cobb to record and analyze all inbound and outbound calls. The unique way in which we use the CallMiner technology has enabled Hollis Cobb to boost patient satisfaction and compliance outcomes.

The CallMiner technology is a robust PCI compliant, speech analytics platform that allows users, like Diana, to query client communications for the purpose of answering business questions. One of Diana’s achievements in using the technology has been the development of Scorecards for several departments at Hollis Cobb. The Scorecards reflect key performance indicators and productivity of each agent and each department as a whole.

Diana was challenged with ensuring that patient rights and sensitive data were protected at all times, and the unique processes she developed using CallMiner technology have enabled Hollis Cobb to:

  • Improve payment experience with data-driven feedback
  • React quickly to compliance changes
  • Target key patient satisfaction and compliance outcomes
  • Expand the depth of patient insights

Hollis Cobb leadership is very proud of Diana for being invited by the CallMiner organization to participate in this case study, and she continues to answer the call of Hollis Cobb managers to develop custom voice analytics reports that help all of our teams ensure that we are producing the best possible results for our clients.

View Diana’s case study here:  HOLLIS COBB_CALLMINER CASE STUDY