Hollis Cobb Business System Analyst, Diana Carter, never stops looking for ways to improve her processes, enhance results for our clients and make Hollis Cobb as successful as possible. Her work is partly dependent on our CallMiner technology which she describes as a robust, PCI compliant speech analytics platform that allows her to query communications between our team and our clients’ patients for the purpose of analyzing call content and project results.

“One of my achievements,” Diana pointed out, “has been the development of Scorecards for several departments reflecting the key performance indicators and productivity of each agent and the department as a whole.” Diana went on to explain, “I work at the intersection of Quality Assurance, Compliance, Human Resources, Operations and Information Technology.” “As a business analyst,” she said, “I manage products, projects, processes and develop content to showcase my analysis, as well as provide tools for others to analyze and make business decisions.”

In the last year, the Scorecard Diana has developed for each agent has been used for improving workflows, analyzing performance, coaching of staff, reviewing individual productivity and assisting with year-end reviews. Her analysis reports are used for extra monitoring of new hires and tracking trends for all employees.


Diana came to Hollis Cobb in 2019 after working for 20 years as a technical and reporting analyst with another company. Prior to moving into the data analytics world, Diana’s colorful career included being a personal banker, a telemarketer, a restaurant hostess, a background vocalist with Parliament Funkadelics and a coffee bean picker on her grandfather’s farm in Puerto Rico. “Picking coffee beans from trees was my first job,” she said adding that “my grandfather is the one who instilled in me a strong work ethic and positive attitude.”

A native of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico who moved to Atlanta in 1999, Diana holds a degree in Business Administration and Management as well as a certification in Network Engineering and Management. She also holds certifications in Business Writing and Python Programming Fundamentals. Never one to sit still, she is currently working on her Six Sigma certification as well as a White Paper for the CallMiner company.


Diana cites her biggest challenge as keeping track of all the changes. “The industry evolves constantly, and I have to stay on top of it,” she said, noting that she develops her ideas for process improvement and special projects for different departments within the Hollis Cobb organization, as well as analyzes business trends that impact those departments with the goal of providing useful insight to the company leadership.

The many reports that Diana produces using CallMiner technology are designed to reduce call times, decrease escalations, improve compliance and increase collections. She performs detailed analyses of the top and bottom collectors to determine what works and what does not work. She identifies conversational trends that lead to higher production outcomes and reports those to trainers and managers. Her individual call analysis is designed to provide feedback on escalated calls for the purpose of achieving better outcomes going forward, to provide real-time feedback to agents and to fine-tune the company’s training curriculum for newly hired staff.


Diana explained how her job duties shifted unexpectedly with the impact of Covid-19, “When the pandemic began in early March 2020, I began tracking any language related to discussions about the Coronavirus, and through discourse analysis I was able to determine how our collectors were acclimating to refusal to pay objections, and what phrases led to desired results.”

She further explained, “The number of calls and discussions near payment language was used by our training team to quickly provide our collectors with suggestions on overcoming those objections in an empathetic manner to achieve future payments or payments during the call. I also began tracking background noise to ensure that quality standards and productivity did not deteriorate as our agents transitioned to working from home, and we were pleased to find that our agents remained personable and professional during calls in their home offices.”


Diana comes from a big family with four sisters and one brother. She and her husband have four children combined and two grandchildren. Amazingly, Diana finds time to practice Brazillian Jiujitsu. She is currently a purple belt and in the process of working on earning her brown belt. For the last eight years, Diana has been training four to six days a week at Saraiva BJJ Jiujitsu. She also teaches a ladies class on Sundays and volunteers at local Jiujitsu events.  “It is a great way to stay in shape, relieve stress and learn a skill that could save my or someone else’s life if ever needed,” she said.

Diana’s enthusiasm for her job and her outside interests is contagious, and her willingness and ability to handle every challenge Hollis Cobb tosses her way is inspiring. The entire team is fortunate to have found this bundle of energy who helps keep all of our departments on a successful track.