The Hollis Cobb/Gragil Teams are always ready to support clients as they face unique challenges in staffing for all areas of Patient Access and the Revenue Cycle. Hollis Cobb is currently providing staffing for hospitals across the U.S. in areas such as:

  • Customer Service
  • Pre-Authorization
  • Pre-Registration
  • Credit Balance Resolution
  • Denials Management
  • Insurance Billing and Follow-Up
  • Scheduling (with extra focus on Covid-19 testing and vaccinations)

Hollis Cobb leadership has always been proactive in finding ways to provide new or expanded services to help our clients through temporary tough times or permanent changes in healthcare financial management.

With Covid-19 vaccinations now readily available nationwide, Hollis Cobb is assisting providers with fielding higher call volumes to schedule vaccination appointments. Our team is also working to schedule Covid-19 testing as the infection rate has begun to increase again with the emergence of the Delta Variant.

Our goal is to help providers continue to maintain high levels of service for their patients by keeping the call wait times and abandonment rates as low as possible for both testing and vaccination appointments. Additionally, we are filling gaps in all areas of Patient Access and Revenue Cycle as some providers lose staff due to necessary vaccination mandates.

Some health systems are struggling to keep up with the increased volume of work utilizing their existing staff, and currently are not be able to hire additional employees. This is where Hollis Cobb steps in to provide total outsourcing of certain areas of Patient Access or Revenue Cycle – either temporarily or on an ongoing basis – or provide supplemental staffing for peak hours and busier days.

As we all work to adjust to the many changes providers are now facing, particularly those brought on by the pandemic, Hollis Cobb and Gragil join forces with providers to ensure that their patients receive the best possible service in every area of Patient Access and throughout the Revenue Cycle. The overall patient experience is just as important to the Hollis Cobb/Gragil teams and our clients as it has always been.

For more information on how Hollis Cobb and Gragil are helping providers continue to thrive in these turbulent times, contact Alisha Green at or 256-431-0678.

We are in this together!