Hollis Cobb Business Analyst, Tram Supaswud, known as Tori to her co-workers, joined the Hollis Cobb Client Services Team three ago, and has made a tremendous impact on the customized reports we are able to provide to our clients, making the jobs of the Key Client Executives much easier in the process.

An Atlanta native, Tori went through rigorous training on Hollis Cobb’s report application, SAP Intellitech Business Objects. She is a master at understanding the data clients have asked to see on their reports, making suggestions for enhancement, and creating clear, concise reports that meet client specifications.

In addition, Tori produces numerous reports for Hollis Cobb’s Operations Team and Executive Leadership for reviewing industry trends and comparing to our current operations as we are always looking for ways to make processes more effective and increase revenue for clients. She also develops and analyzes relevant metrics to assist our management in understanding business trends.

About coming to work at the company, Tori said, “Hollis Cobb has been a leader in revenue recovery for the last 40+ years, and working here has been a great opportunity to learn and grow.” She went on to say that the company offers a continuous learning environment and she enjoys working with her colleagues toward a common goal.

The biggest challenge she faces in her busy job is prioritizing tasks to meet all client needs timely, but the work environment makes the challenges worth it. “Everyone shares the same vision,” Tori commented, going on to say “We all support each other and work together to make ideas a reality.” As she advances in her career at Hollis Cobb, Tori said, “I want to broaden my skills by using new techniques and methodologies to increase my work productivity.”

Tori holds a B.S. in Psychology, has always been interested in Information Technology and prior to joining the Hollis Cobb team, worked as a Human Resources Administrator. When not creating customized reports for Hollis Cobb staff and clients, Tori enjoys making custom shirts and cups. She said the hobby allows her to be creative. “It’s a great joy to see the end product of my work,” she said.

Tori and her husband live in Illinois, and they are preparing to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday this month. When Tori announced she would be moving to Illinois, the Key Client Executives went to Hollis Cobb management and asked to have Tori stay with the company working in a remote capacity. Recognizing her value, the company leaders agreed and offered to set her up to work remotely. Tori accepted the offer and the Hollis Cobb team could not be happier.