Hollis Cobb Early Out Collector, Nina Burleson, has spent the last 16 years in the early out collection world ~ nine with Hollis Cobb and the previous seven with a company Hollis Cobb acquired in 2013. Even though the acquisition meant a long commute for Nina, she adjusted to the many changes and stayed with the company. “I stayed because I was excited to see how things would go with the new company, and I just love Floyd,” Nina said of Hollis Cobb COO, Floyd Lawson. She went on to say, “The drive was hard, but I needed to continue to work, so I was glad that I was offered a position.” Nina has been working remotely since the start of the Covid pandemic, and hopes to continue working at home and avoiding the long drive to the office. “I do miss my co-workers though,” she said, “so I am happy to go in to the office for regular meetings.”

Nina began her career in healthcare with a degree in Medical Billing and Coding after recognizing that there was a high demand for billers and coders in healthcare, and jobs were plentiful at the time. She initially worked for a Metro Atlanta hospital as a bed control coordinator, later applying for an insurance biller position with a local agency. She did not get the insurance job, but was hired on in the company’s Early Out Collection Department, and found her niche there. A pro at juggling inbound and outbound calls as well as explaining EOB’s and itemized bills, Nina enjoys helping patients. “I enjoy talking to patients and helping them understand their bills,” she said. “I just enjoy customer service and ensuring patient satisfaction,” she explained. Nina went on to say that she really likes all of her co-workers, and also likes that Hollis Cobb management listens to employee concerns and addresses them.

CPAR certified, Nina plans to work on an additional certification, noting that now that she works remotely, and does not spend so much time out of her day in the car, she has more time to work on further certifications. Nina lives in Jonesboro, Georgia and has helped to raise two of her grandsons. Along with her close-knit family of four adult children and seven grandchildren, she enjoys caring for her Oscar fish, Thunder and Lightning, and her Parrot named Ice. All of Nina’s children are local except the youngest who is in the military stationed in California. Her youngest child came home this month to help the entire family celebrate Nina’s birthday. Nina weathered an acquisition through hard work and a positive attitude and continues to be an important part of Hollis Cobb’s Early Out Team.