Although Covid-19 brought unprecedented challenges to companies all over the U.S., Hollis Cobb has experienced 40% growth in employees in the last 15 months. Much of the growth can be attributed to the company leadership’s ability to understand the new obstacles providers have faced during the pandemic, and to develop new services to help providers overcome those obstacles. Being flexible enough to find ways to help clients with new issues that surface has always been one of Hollis Cobb’s strengths, and that strength has never been more evident than during the Covid-19 crisis.

Now employing over 550 people in all areas of the revenue cycle, Hollis Cobb is one of the top employers in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Much of the growth in staff has been in the Scheduling and Insurance Follow Up areas of the revenue cycle. Providers have come to us needing help getting Covid vaccinations and other services scheduled in a timely manner, as well as needing assistance following up on slow paying insurance claims. Our Human Resources and Training Departments have been working diligently to identify candidates and get them up and running on our clients’ systems as quickly as possible to provide all the support they need. Hollis Cobb has also experienced growth in the areas of Registration, Early Out and Bad Debt Collections.

In addition to hiring more staff in Georgia, Hollis Cobb gained more employees through the acquisition of an agency in Boston. Specializing in Early Out and Bad Debt collections, the new acquisition, Gragil Associates, gives Hollis Cobb an expanded presence in the northeastern U.S. Also experiencing growth is Hollis Cobb’s nearshore office in Nicaragua where much of our quality assurance tasks are managed as well as special projects for some of our clients. In order to accommodate all of Hollis Cobb’s staff as some transition back to the office from remote work, the company has expanded to an additional floor in our Satellite Boulevard building.

To further meet client needs, Hollis Cobb has developed two applications to streamline and automate the financial assistance application and pre-authorization processes. Just rolling out these two products in the last few months, the sales team has already signed new clients. Hollis Cobb management expects the company’s growth to continue as there is virtually no limit to the many ways we can help our clients successfully serve the patients in their communities.