After so much extra stress we have all faced in the last year, it’s time to have a little fun! Hollis Cobb is beginning a Pet of the Week post every Wednesday featuring either a Hollis Cobb employee or one of our clients with their beloved pet(s).

We are kicking it off with Shellye Cummings, Hollis Cobb’s Sr. Director of Early-Out Collections, and one of her egg-laying hens. Shellye is well-known for her love of animals. Her one-year-old hen, pictured here, is a French Black Maran, who naturally has a French name — Bijou, and lays chocolate brown colored eggs. Shellye has numerous chickens and Bijou is a favorite.

Hollis Cobb employees and clients can send their photos with their pets to We look forward to seeing your animal family members and learning their background stories!