The Hollis Cobb Team is always ready to support clients as they face unique challenges. As Covid-19 vaccinations become more readily available, Hollis Cobb is able to assist providers with fielding higher call volumes and scheduling vaccination appointments. Our goal is to help providers continue to maintain high levels of service for their patients by keeping the call wait times and abandonment rates as low as possible.

We realize providers may be struggling to keep up with the increased call volumes utilizing their existing staff, and may not be able to hire additional employees. Hollis Cobb is able to provide total outsourcing of customer service staff — either temporarily or on an ongoing basis, or we can provide supplemental staffing for peak hours and/or heavy call days.

As we all work our way through the many patients needing Covid-19 vaccinations, Hollis Cobb joins forces with providers to ensure that their patients receive their vaccinations as quickly as possible. For more information contact Alisha Green at or 256-431-0678. We are in this together.