Key Client Executive, Donna Fincher and her family own our final Pets of the Week.

The Fincher’s have had their two Chihuahuas for 12 years. Pogo, the deer Chihuahua was rescued when he was a puppy and shortly after Paco, the apple head Chihuahua, was rescued from a local Humane Society.

Pogo is 13-years-old and Paco is 15.

Although the two are not brothers, they were very close when they were together in the Humane Society foster home, so it only made sense to keep them together when they were rescued.


The two loveable Chihuahuas have brought joy to the Fincher home from the beginning. Spoiled rotten, they have their own couch and their toys have taken over the family den.

Both are senior dogs and in spite of Pogo’s heart murmur and Paco’s recent spleen surgery, they still run around like energetic puppies.

The Fincher’s live in a dog-loving condo complex where their neighbors adore Pogo and Paco, and regularly bring treats and special toys to the two doggies.