Hollis Cobb Human Resources Director, Kelly O’Donnell, recently participated in the Tennis against Breast Cancer event to benefit the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute, an award winning facility with a breast cancer program focused on early detection of breast cancer and survival in the community.

The fundraising event generates donations that go toward providing mammography screenings, education and leading edge research through Northside’s breast cancer program. Last year, over 1,000 underinsured women received breast cancer screening and diagnostic services through the Northside Hospital Cancer Institute. Northside treats more cases of breast and gynecological cancer, approximate 1,300 cases annually, than any other hospital in the Southeastern United States. Hollis Cobb serves as a sponsor of this tennis fundraiser each year.

Kelly has been playing tennis for 10 years, and this is her second year to assemble a team for the Northside benefit. She and her team paid their donations, and participated in a tennis clinic in which they received individual lessons from well-known tennis pros. They also ran drills and learned new techniques to help improve their tennis games.

The mother of Kelly’s tennis partner was recently diagnosed with cancer, and one of her other team mates is a cancer survivor. The team plays to encourage one currently fighting cancer and to celebrate the other’s survival. Kelly explained, “I enjoy the opportunity to have a fun-filled day of tennis with local pros, all while supporting a great cause.” She pointed out, “This event allows for everyone to come together and share their battles while learning about the newest medical advancements or precautions.”

Kelly said that she has learned a great deal about cancer through her involvement in the Northside Hospital fundraiser. She noted that, “Statistics show that in the U.S., one in eight women will develop breast cancer over the course of a lifetime. The more research, awareness and support that we can bring to our communities, friends and families, the better our chances of overcoming.”

Donations can be made to this worthy cause by visiting: