Her fingers fly across the keyboard with lightning speed posting dollars, sorting checks and balancing accounts. Nicknamed “Sparky” for her fast pace and quick wit, Beth Griffin just celebrated her 18th anniversary with Hollis Cobb. “She is a real fireball,” says Hollis Cobb COO, Floyd Lawson, noting that “you better get things right in her world.”

Prior to joining the Hollis Cobb team, Beth spent 15 years in the banking industry in Florida and holds a general banking degree. She moved to Georgia in 2003 and began working at Hollis Cobb as a temporary receptionist. After discovering her talent with numbers, Hollis Cobb management promoted her to the Accounting Department where she has flourished.

She has worked to help streamline some of the processes in her department ensuring that the accounting area runs like a well-oiled machine. Along with workload, Beth says that time is her biggest challenge. “But I work with a great group of people,” she said adding that, “you know, I just enjoy posting money!”

Beth has a daughter who lives in Florida and two teenaged grandchildren who call her Mimi. Like many native Floridians, Beth’s happy place is the beach where she enjoys relaxing with a good book, along with spending time eating good food with good friends.

As the company continues to grow through more agency acquisitions in strategic locations, continued business development in more healthcare markets across the U.S. and further expansion of service offerings, Beth and her team will continue to play an integral role in the overall success of Hollis Cobb.