According to a 2022 American Hospital Association survey, 63% of respondents reported that attracting and retaining a competitive workforce is a top operational priority. Additionally, 47% of respondents stated that their organizations are using mobile technology to address remote worker engagement challenges.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that one fifth of US workers left the workforce in 2021, a phenomenon labeled “The Great Resignation.” From older workers who opted to retire a few years early, to young mothers who decided childcare, gas and clothing costs were not worth what they netted at the end of the day, the exit of so many workers has placed a strain on employers, particularly those in healthcare.

Recognizing the staffing challenges hospitals throughout the U.S. face, and the increasing popularity of remote options among the nation’s workforce, Hollis Cobb continues to expand staffing services offered to providers across the country. Hollis Cobb’s strong team of recruiters, HR professionals, trainers and compliance specialists continue to work diligently to match top candidates with health systems nationwide.

The increase in remote working has opened new doors for staffing, and Hollis Cobb has leveraged remote staff to fill the employment gaps our clients are experiencing. Having had some remote staff for many years, the technological security needed to protect our clients’ information was already in place at Hollis Cobb and continues to be upgraded and enhanced to maintain top levels of information security.

Services currently being provided to meet client demands include:

  • Covid 19 Testing and Vaccination Scheduling
  • Appointment/Procedure Scheduling
  • Pre-Authorization
  • Pre-Registration
  • Customer Service
  • Pricing Line
  • Credit Balance Resolution
  • Denials Resolution
  • Follow Up on Payer Requests
  • Patient Education in Utilizing Hospital Web Portals for Self-Service
  • Other customized services based on client staffing needs.

Hollis Cobb covers the cost of employment including equipment, Social Security, payroll tax, workers’ compensation, health insurance, 401-K and other benefits. Clients pay an hourly FTE rate and provide Hollis Cobb staff with all necessary system access and training to perform their job duties.

The staffing piece of our service offerings continues to grow, and Hollis Cobb leadership expects to press on with expanding services, recruiting skilled employees for our team and filling in the staffing gaps for our clients, either temporarily to get them through a rough patch, or permanently as they fine-tune their revenue cycle workflows. Find out more at